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tgirl (6)Name: Alexa
Age: 27
Personal: M2F Pre-Op Tranny
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 129
Location: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Pharmacy Tech and p/t model
Hobbies: Hanging at the beach, swimming, Partying
Likes: Warm, sunny days on a sandy beach
Dislikes: Cold, rainy days

I’m a fem M2F Tranny woman if you must have a term to call me. I just arrived in South Florida about a year ago. I’ve found this area to be absolutely perfect for me! There is an active nightlife for the tranny community and I’ve made some great friends. I’m single but not doing much dating right now. You might say I’m exploring myself. haha!

I tend to prefer dating femme or androgynous tranny people, and women. I do find some men attractive but I’m much more picky. Being a gentleman is more important than looks.

I enjoy the beach and just about anything to do with the water. I love sailing, boating, swimming, tanning, snorkeling and diving. Someday I’d like to own a sailboat and travel the world. There’s nothing like being out on the open water.

I work as a pharmacy technician at a major drug retailer. That’s my real job but I’m also a part-time model. I have worked for several major tranny photographers. It helps pay the rent and the work is fun. I’ve been able to travel for some of the photoshoots so that is a perk of the job.

Sometimes I talk to myself. Don’t worry — I don’t answer myself just yet. I just find that talking to myself helps me reason through things. I can be spacy sometimes and often get caught up in my own internal dialog.

I’m not particularly religious, but I appreciate others’ beliefs. I find religion to be a very interesting topic. I have read up on a number of different religions but I haven’t found anything that feels right for me. Someday I figure I’ll get some insight and maybe I’ll develop my faith then. For now my internal spirituality is good enough for me.

I’m an unapologetic liberal. I definitely believe in equal rights for everyone. While South Florida is quite progressive, the rest of the state has some catching up to do. I hope that same sex marriage will be allowed across the US. I’m amazed that it isn’t already. It’s such a no-brainer, but the idea is threatening to some people, often for religious reasons. The truth is that marriage is a relatively new social construct. I’m not sure marriage is even necessary for a healthy relationship. The problem of course, is the rights of married partners that are not afforded to many same sex couples. In the not-so-distant future, I know same-sex marriages will be afforded the same rights and responsibilities as opposite-sex marriages. And we’ll look back and wonder why it took so long. Oh, but I digress.

I’m happy to have the opportunity to represent meet-tranny.com. I hope you like the site we’ve put together and that something here is useful for you.



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